Artists: Shirese and Tanya Malan

In the books I am writing the acknowledgements run to many pages. So many people have given time and attention to reading and passing comments, guiding me when I slipped off the path of perfect logic, that there is simply no space to write all their names.

They know who they are, and I will gladly provide them with a signed copy of related publications.

Particularly notable are those who appear in the two pages at the end of this booklet. There is also the board of directors and the consultants to IngramSure (UK) Ltd. They are named and described on the main website - search the web for MACRO-ECONOMIC DESIGN. Together they have tirelessly passed comments and advice for many years, almost daily. None have been paid. Alastair France has even donated.

One that is absent from that list is Jannie Rossouw, who, when I first discussed these idea with him, was the Spokesperson for the South African Reserve Bank. Today he heads Wits School of economics. The questions he has asked have bothered me more than any others. The resulting scripts are so much better as a result of answering those questions.

Now I feel, as many others do, that, the logic in the scripts is excellent, if not impeccable.

For the first time we have a science-based design for the world’s economies.

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