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We are seeking

  1. Leaders
  2. Administrators
  3. Publicists
  4. Badge and Emblem manufacturers
  5. Clothing designers willing to incorporate the emblem or the badge etc.
  6. Web developers
  7. Fund raisers
  8. Legal expertise
  9. Research and development with a view to new publications
  10. People that know people in high positions in governments and academic institutions
and of course:

The money goes towards: 
  • Creating an active support group to lobby governments around the world.

  • The marketing campaign 
  • Developing a new and better website for news, articles, and reader participation at: 
  • Improving the university course at NUST-CCE
  • Further Research and Development


The account is in the UK with HSBC 

Acc Name: INGRAM E D
Branch / Sort Code: 40 46 03
Account Number: 12059908
Bank Ref:
BOOK - to purchase
DONATION - to donate

PayPal can work, using this email address:

For Zimbabweans only:
Ecocash payments to Edward Ingram on 0772 900 000


Steward Bank
Account Name Edward C D Ingram
Account Number 1007873227
Fife St Bulawayo
Currency: US$ or local equivalent,

Retailers wanting to participate please contact the author on WhatsApp using 00263 772 900000. Email:

Financial fairness means savings and pensions which work and homes and busineeses which are not taken from the people in a needless financial crisis or just a raised rate of interest - for example.

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