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By Edward C D Ingram
Edn 2

Many shops are gearing up to do home deliveries. They take orders online and payments can be made online. Alternatively some people can create their own shopping delivery enterprise to do the same thing. An excellent opportunity for anyone that has recovered from the virus..

The questions are:

  1. How to avoid bringing the virus into your home when taking a delivery.
  2. What to do about wrong pricing and out of stock.

This essay deals only with the first question.


  1. Have ready clear surfaces on which the shopping will be placed when brought inside the home.
  2. Have a sink or bucket already filled with water and disinfectant approved for virus elimination.
  3. You can use disposable plastic gloves (to bring in the goods) which you will later disinfect in said sink after dealing with everything. This saves constantly washing your hands losing skin moisture.
  4. Arrange that the delivery person will knock on the door or phone on arrival and will deliver in a tray rather than a sealed container, or in plastic bags which hopefully you will send for recycling.
  5. You could leave some plastic bags outside your door for the delivery guy to collect and re-use.
  6. Have a way to hold your door open ready for use.
  7. It may be windy so make sure that the wind will not disrupt your home contents with flying paper etc. during the delivery acceptance process while the door is open.
  8. Have only one person involved in this process, keeping children away from the activity.
  9. Place boots or sandals that are washable and easily disinfected by the door for wearing when exiting along with some means of cleaning them before and after use. Then be prepared to clean the floor after using them
  10. Use only your own pencil or pen for writing and have a clean sheet of paper ready. Before delivery write down on this sheet of paper each of the above paragraph numbers that you have attended to ending with this paragraph number 9. When you write ‘10’ you are ready for the delivery.
Copy and print this list. In fact the whole page.

Reply to the delivery person’s phone call or knock on the door
A. Ask them to keep their distance or just drop off the goods and paperwork and collect any plastic bags left, and then leave.
B. Ask about any money issues and unavailable goods.

  1. Put on your gloves. These are already clean as are your hands.
  2. Open door and make it stay open with your prepared device.
  3. Ideally the delivery consists of tinned foods and foods in plastic bags that are easily washed.
  4. If cash is used treat it the same way as any other goods that need to be disinfected.
  5. Pick them up one at a time and bring them one at a time indoors.
  6. Make sure they do not touch your clothes or the door etc.
  7. Place each item on the prepared surface or the bucket or sink full of disinfectant.
  8. When all have been brought indoors and placed accordingly or on the prepared clean surface near the sink, first clean the gloves in the sink or bucket, then go and close the door and remove the device holding it open.
  9. Check that you have disinfected the footwear that you used and then disinfected the floor where they have been used inside or outside or both.
  10. Next go and clean each and every item you brought in.
  11. Finally clean the gloves again before you remove them because you will touch the outside of the gloves when removing them. Dispose of them, or place them for re-use.
  12. Wash your hands if you wish.
  13. When the goods are dry you can store them.
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Here are some comments that have been received so far:

A Skeptic (old English spelling) said:
"People will not use this script."
That is up to them. 
I was a quality control engineer and we had procedures for everything. This is a key way to reduce errors and spoilt goods. Failure to follow check lists and procedures explain a few aircraft crashes. Fly your own body with care, I say. It is worth the trouble. The virus can damage your lungs and other organs even if you recover.

An International traveler wrote: 
We have had home deliveries for some time and you’re your suggestions are very sensible. I think one thing that wants to be added to this would be if people are doing shopping for others and that is the passing of funds between people as cash is an “unclean vector”. As this advice would vary between different countries then I won’t add to the document but the suggestion would be as far as possible that you find means of doing such a transfer using mobile banking. Most countries now have a mechanism where you can sign up using a mobile number and transfer funds that way without having to disclose bank account numbers or use smart phones - for example Paym or Pingit in the UK, M-Pesa in many African countries PayTM in India but of course normal Internet banking can be used for those that have access and ability.

Of course some people will not be at all happy with technology and will prefer to use cash – we should treat cash just as we treat any other good…It’s quite simple to disinfect coins (and I assume plastic notes too).

My wife suggested that on exit from the house the footwear will potentially pick up the virus. I have added a script on this in Edn 2 (Edition 2).

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