IngramSure Board

We, the Board of IngramSure (UK) Ltd
are volunteers - a Think Tank.

This team of top bankers and financial sector specialists is an unpaid group of volunteers which is very much international. The PEER REVIEWS of the publications already online should be read by everyone.

Members simply want the researches done by the CEO, Edward C D Ingram, to be seen and the lessons learned so that much of the fragility and financial instability of our economies can be removed, ending much of the social and political chaos which we are all experiencing.

The full list of members and consultants to the Board is given below, after this piece of background.

Mr. Azam Ali, ex Senior Economist at the Bank of Pakistan. He says he is on the same page in principle on all of these initiatives.

Professor Evelyn Chiloane-Tsoka kindly permitted us to publish her testimony for the South African Immigration Authority in the peer reviews section of this Blog. It is enough to make us blush.

Dr. Rabi N. Mishra is a Chief General Manager at the Reserve Bank of India (India's Central Bank), an economist, and a famous speaker. He has a particular interest in the areas of managing Financial Stability. Dr Mishra has this way of explaining the objectives of the team:

"The team believes that classic economics has faults and they these can be corrected by going back to the teachings of Adam Smith on the one hand, and by applying the science of systems management and control as it exists today. This has no particular political bias. It simply explains the options available like designing a comfortable vehicle without instructing the drivers where they should take it or whether they should adopt it."

Although the impact on the world's economies is likely to be profound, what we originally wanted to do was:

To make the whole economy's savings and borrowing safer and house prices safer - a lot safer.

Can this be done? We say it can be done, and a lot more besides. 

Two other sections deal with, (a) money creation and interest rate stability, and (b) currency pricing stability. Together, these three innovations will create an entirely new, safer, and more business friendly world economy.

The first book is now being drafted and is available online by clicking HERE.

The original ‘IngramSure’ team


Graham D HollickFCIS FIBSA CeMAP, a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, South Africa, and a past President of the International Union for Housing Finance for the year 2003 (by roation),  previously the CEO of Old Mutual’s (OM's) Holding Company, made him effectively CEO of the leading Building Society, the OM Pension Funds, and the OM Unit Trusts in Zimbabwe as well as two other subsidiary companies in the region. Graham was a leading opponent of the way in which mortgages were being securitised because he feared that it would lead to abuses, which it did - it led to the sub-prime crisis.

He steered Zimbabwe's leading financial institutions through the hyper-inflationary era. 

He immediately took interest when he met Edward several years ago, and has fully supported his efforts since then. 

Michael C F Harrison,[1] a Chartered Secretary, and a member of the Education Committee of the Institute of Bankers of South Africa and Fellow of the Institute of Directors, won a world first in an examination in Company Law, and a Regional Prize in Company Secretarial Practice. Michael says he has ceased subscribing to some institutions but is still a B Sc Econ (Hons).

He first met Edward in the 1990s, when he was the Executive Secretary of the Association of Building Societies in Zimbabwe. He was responsible for liaising with government, the central bank, and international institutions on many diverse issues in the days when these institutions were highly respected. He immediately took interest when he met Edward in the 1990s and has supported his efforts ever since.

The housing finance industry in Zimbabwe has long been the envy of some of the regional nations and world bodies who visited, consulted, and learned from these two experts.

Andrew Pampallis FIBSA [2] is another (like Graham Hollick) Fellow of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa. He met Edward when he was the Head of Banking at the University of Johannesburg. Andrew has long experience of banking, having been responsible for most of the key functions of a major local bank, and having spent two years installing financial systems for the Bank of Cyprus. Andrew thinks that Edward's Model for Housing Finance is the best he has ever seen.

Alastair France, is an internationally known British businessman and commercial trainer in data communications. His common sense is much valued.


Professor Daniel Makina, is a strong supporter. He is a senior member of the faculty of Finance, Risk Management and Banking at the University of South Africa. He says that the ideas put forward solve a number of problems that others have struggled with.

Zoe Lindesay who campaigns for a more diverse syllabus to be taught at universities has been assisting after a year or more of reading and discussing the ideas brought out by the IngramSure team. Now she is adding her own insights which are considerable. Zoe has two degrees, one at Oxford and one at Cambridge University, both UK.

John Robertson, played a key part in the researches, has now retired to the sidelines but is still supportive. He has an honours degree in economics, is an ex financial journalist, and has experience as the senior economist of a bank. He is currently CEO of Robertson Economics, a consultancy.

Taonaziso Chowa is a consultant to the IngramSure Board. He has won numerous awards during his academic career leading to a B Sc in Actuarial Science, then an M Sc, and now he is studying for his Ph D. He has worked on key areas of data analysis and reporting and making strategic policy recommendations for Old Mutual. He is currently supervising researches by post-graduate students in actuarial science, some of which relate to IngramSure’s researches. Taonaziso assisted Edward in the preparation and delivery of a few university lectures and seminars from which valuable and encouraging feedback was obtained.

James Ingram, is an expert on software solutions and development within the financial services industry. His common sense is much valued. He rarely says anything that others disagree with.

Edward C D Ingram, CEO and prime innovator.

Edward's understanding of economics and investment dynamics kept his client portfolios ahead of the rest most of the time in the highly competitive UK market from 1970 onwards until he retired to Africa in the early 1990's. He was widely consulted even up to treasury level. 

After retirement, he managed to change the mindset of another nation, Zimbabwe, when he presented a series on Television about the new unit trusts that he created there. These led the field, survived the hyper-inflation, and started a new era in public investment for the country. He then devoted most of his energies to Macro-economic Design.

An ex independent financial adviser in the UK, and a student of engineering control systems design, his Housing from Income Committee published innovative articles in the Building Societies Gazette which stirred the nation and changed some ideas in that industry. Many of those ideas haven been adopted by building societies and other financial institutions. The basic Mortgage Model has been re-invented and is now working in Turkey. 

Some ideas were copied by hundreds of financial advisers in the UK, creating a new industry called Broker Bonds, which later evolved into Fund of Funds for Unit Trusts.

His initiative in fraud protection for money transfers was widely supported in the 1990s, made headlines, and is now in operation as something called 'Platforms'.

There are a number of other activists across the globe - too many in fact to list here and some are in key positions, We thank them all for their invaluable support.

The company is seeking professional help with creation of a website at our domain:

[1] Michael Harrison was the first recipient of the Frank Rixon Prize for Company Law having obtained first place in the World in that exam in addition to obtaining first place in Southern Africa in Company Secretarial Practice in the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators; and he has been the examiner for the economics papers for the C. I. S. exams in Zimbabwe.

[2]Andrew Pampallis: Professional Qualifications
MBL from the University of South Africa. B Sc University of South Africa, .Accredited NLP Master Practitioner, Fellow of the Institute of Bankers of South Africa, CAIB South Africa, Assessor for the Bank SETA, Moderator for all subjects for the Institute of Bankers of Botswana.