Sadly I deleted this Web-page accidentally and have no back-up copy.

So it now starts again as at July 25th 2015 in reverse order, latest first.

30th June 2020 - A new page added - then deleted.. How to print money harmlessly. I got that wrong.
I seem unable to make the following change: The Home page has been trimmed of a Covic-19 feature that was urgent for a time.

March April 20202 - Two new pages on coping with the economy - and safe remote shopping procedure to follow. Added after the home page.

19th September 2019 - NEW PAGE ADDED ON NICHe - cutting the cost of money laundering and eliminating fraud by small financial advisers.

6th June 2019 - Home page edited and improved.

31st May 2019 - Home page completely changed. We are changing gear to an effective research, teaching, and lobbying group.

The Wealth Bonds page has been edited.

14th September 2018 - New page on solving the mortgage cost crisis for readers.

27th July 2018 - Abstract of paper added to Home page

5th July 2018 - Home page updated - New PEER REVIEW from Alan Gray

21st June 2018 - Home page updated

1st - 7th June 2018 - The published essay and the copy pasted to the blog was edited and re-posted more than once. Don't Forecast - Just Steer the economy.

31st May 2018 - Adding published comments - replies in the public domain to illustrate what it all means in practical terms. Here is the first new page for that: Don't Forecast - Just Steer the economy.

22nd May 2018 - Re-orientation of Home page to recruit campaigners

12th May 2018 - Re-orientation of Home page to apppeal to politics - How to win the next election. New page on VOTE FOR THIS. New page added - THE POLITICAL FILM SCRIPT

30th April 2018 - first use of the badge and the banner - day of major book launch

26th April 2018 The Home Page has been edited as have most pages. The date to print the book and offer it is close.

6th April 2018 - The Home Page has been edited with more detail on how to buy the book and the A new page listing ten opportunities has been revised accordingly.

3rd April 2018 - The Home Page has a picture of the book cover.
A new page listing ten opportunities has been added.

30th March 2018 - The Home Page Advert removed and replaced. Most pages removed. New, shorter and simpler pages hve replaced them. This is because there is a need for better control of content. With the launch of a second book, and a campaign to get it into the 'Best Sellers' listings, many ideas which were on display, and mostly were not very well written have gone. They will be found in one or more of the books. 

23rd April. The Home Page Advert Change of Book Title: HOW TO END THE WORLD'S FINANCIAL CHAOS

8th April 2018 - The Home Page Advert altered and BOOK LAUNCH ANNOUNCED. CONTENT SUMMARY.

10th March 2018 - The BOOK SUUMARY was re-written.

8th March 2018 - The Home Page has an exciting advert - a whole nation may change. 
28th January 2018 - The Home Page has been re-written

A new concept page and university course registration page has been added. See INGRAM SCHOOL.

10th January 2018 - The Home Page has been re-written and is much shorter.

24th 25th and 29th December 2017 - The BOOK SUUMARY was re-written / edited.

25th December 2017 - The LOW INFLATION TRAP page has been revised and illustrations added.

21st December 2017 - The Home Page now offers a free course.

16th December 2017 - The Home Page has had significant new information added.

7th December 2017 - Actuarial Maths and Maths Straight In have had changes made.

I am not very pleased with the maths papers yet but I do like the Actuarial maths which is the same maths written for actuaries. It shows clearly that the new ILS lending models are at least an order of magnitufe saferfor borrowers and lenders  than what we have now. And it shows how they comply with the KFPP platform explained in the economics papers of the book and elsewhere such as on The KFPP platform is where all prices, costs, and assets and incomes should be so that any excess spending or money stock causing that, leads to an end of those excesses without the need for any intervention. The rising prices mop up the surplus money in circulation. How we can achieve that is the subject of my books and essays.

26th November 2017 - The BOOK SUMMARY is easier to read and it contains great news about what may be going on in Zimbabwe - the first test of the book, maybe.

The HOME page now mentions this.

19th November 2017 - The new draft book introduction has replaced the PRINCIPLES page.

The other pages have been shuffled to draw attention to the more interesting pages like the LOW INFLATION TRAP which the western economies have entered.

10th March 2017 - Apologies for being too busy setting up the course at a university near me. A lot of pages have been edited or removed. The key news is about the certified university course in Macro-economic Design and Management on another blog - THIS ONE and the fast developing Ingram School of Economics. PEER REVIEWS are impressive.

4th December 2016 - The Home page has a new introduction at the top.
An accredited course is announced and a link is given.
An appeal for funds needed to create the course and to bring world-wide awareness has been placed on the home page of the course followed by part 1 of the first module which may be edited without notice at any time till further notice.

22nd September 2016 A new Home page 

15th August 2016 Expanded and updated page called NEW FINANCIAL PRODUCTS RESULTING 

Also the LOW INFLATION TRAP page has been slightly expanded.

3rd June 2016 A new Home page explains why Macro-economic Design is taking over the subject of macro-economics as currently taught.

New announcements have been made indicating how it is now starting to be accepted.

The previous home page has not been deleted but follows on from this.

May 2016

These re-edits are getting us to the end after which the book will be written possibly as a compilation of all of the relevant pages. The subject of macro-economic design is basically a whole course in macro-economics. It takes a lot of time to think it through and a clear explanation can only come from extensive revisions in the text as feedback comes through and as writing skills take a better grip.

MAY 2016
7th May 2016 - Heavy editing has been done to simplify these two pages:
MATHS STRAIGHT IN - This derives the general equations for lending which apply to any kind of loan.

WAGHORN'S EQUATIONS - This derives the entry cost P% p.a. for a new loan repayable of a period of N years. The repayments can be level or changing provided that the rate of change is given and the rate of AEG% p.a. is given.

APRIL 2016
4th April 2016 - IngramSure Board newly edited.
1st April 2016 to the present, ongoing - The large gap between new updates was because all efforts have been going to drafting the forthcoming book to be entitled 'A Short Tract on Financial Stability'

This will out-date all of the other drafts present on this and any other linked web page.

Click HERE to read the early pages - it has been slightly edited since 1st April.

1st September 2015 - The page ANN PETTIFOR ON EVERYTHING has again been edited. A note has been added on the proposals of the UK Labour Party candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

29th August 2015 - A new INTRODUCTION has been inserted onto the Home page to explain the difference between what J M Keynes wrote and which is the basis of modern economics and what I, Edward C D Ingram write which takes challenge the basic and unstated assumption by J M Keynes, and so changes the entire subject of economics as it is written today.

The page ANN PETTIFOR ON EVERYTHING has been edited and may need a further review to simplify it. 

13th August 2015 - The entire picture of how economies should work if prices are allowed to adjust to re-balance everything is summarized on the page ANN PETTIFOR ON EVERYTHING. It has been edited extensively today.

12th August 2015 - A new page entitled INTRODUCTION TO MACRO-ECONOMIC DESIGN has been added. It is basically an introduction to the PRINCIPLES page which leads into the story of MONEY ISLAND, which is a fascinating story of how an imaginary island got to grips with all of the problems as they arose in an orderly fashion, one at a time. It became a very orderly and financially stable economy until a revolution ended all that and it became like the world's real economies are today - very disorderly. The entire picture of how economies should work if prices are allowed to adjust to re-balance everything is summarized on the page ANNE PETTIFER ON EVERYTHING. It has been edited extensively today.

29th July 2015 - The  PRINCIPLES page has been edited again.

28th July 2015 - The Home page has been shortened to get right to the point as early as possible, It also contains a lot of key information,

27th July 2015 - Additions and editing done for WEALTH BONDS. Changes / improvements have been made to the PRINCIPLES page.

26th July 2015 - New page: ANNE PETTIFER ON EVERYTHING has replaced EXPLAINING ROBERT SHILLER - AND BEYOND which has been removed to the archives here.

25th July 2015 - the PEOPLE WANTING TO HELP page has been moved to an archive here. A new page entitled PRINCIPLES, short for PRINCIPLES OF MACRO-ECONOMIC DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT, a key part of the entire subject, has been added.

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